MERA-TECH offers a second to none video systems integration and consultancy service to some of the biggest satellite operators in EMEA. Through its close relations with respectable hardware and software vendors, MERA-TECH has successfully deployed several DTH systems that impressed our customers in terms of budget, quality and reliability. Our DTH solutions cover the following areas:

  • Playout
  • Contribution
  • Compression
  • Monitoring
  • Uplink

Complemented with reliable managed services solutions, MERA-TECH provides end to end cost effective DTH solutions to our customers. Our expertise in the DTH market enables us to find the most cost effective working solutions, deploy and manage them for our customers.



MERA-TECH IPTV Integration service brings together all components necessary for our customers to launch successful IPTV services. As one of our superior services portfolio, our IPTV Integration services are derived from the extensive experience of our team in both the IPTV operation and technology industries. Our team members were involved in complex IPTV deployments covering a range of middleware solutions and STB’s. MERA-TECH can install, service and manage your complete IPTV solution from end to end.

MERA-TECH’s IPTV solutions meet a variety of client needs. We help DSL and FTTX IPTV operators to select the best middlware, STB, monitoring and reception systems, transcoding systems, Billing systems and VOD servers. Quality of experience for consumers is always at the center of our systems design and MERA-TECH thrive to simplify operations for the operators. Our IPTV systems have always met the satisfaction of our customers and we often help them to grow their IPTV offerings with more unique features and ongoing consultancy services.



While the headend infrastructure is basically very similar to cable/satellite/IPTV, terrestrial networks typically require smaller footprint systems (less channels) being replicated in multiple location in order to provide regionalization flavor to the overall service offer. The largest investment however goes into the transmitter/antenna infrastructure and the distribution network. As MERA-TECH we have been involved in DVB-T technology and architectures development since the early days of initial introduction and as such we understand and handle the technological as well as the business challenges

For example, primary distribution (from headend(s) to the transmitting sites) can be performed over terrestrial IP networks or over satellite, each approaches having their pros and cons. Nevertheless MERA-TECH can help to develop and design a network architecture that best fits the operator´s needs with regard to flexibility, efficiency and reliability. Experience shows that the "best" approach widely depends on the network operator´s history in analog television and specific regulatory and market requirements.

Our DVB-T competence cover the following areas of expertise:

  • Playout
  • Contribution
  • Compression
  • Monitoring
  • Primary distribution over terrestrial based or satellite based network


MERA-TECH’s OTT division takes care of all products and services related to online video streaming to the different types of connected devices. Our in house developed systems integrated with partner products covers the whole range necessary to acquire, publish, analyze, optimize and monetize video content on the internet.

We have succeeded in achieving major cost savings and operational reliability for our OTT customers. Our range of OTT services includes:

  • Live & VOD Streaming
  • Catch Up TV
  • Media Management
  • Monetization (DRM & Advertising)
  • Mobile Apps Development
  • Smart TV Apps development
  • Consultancy

Systems Integration:

Quality: MERA-TECH’s team comes from multiple DVB technology & operations backgrounds. Building on this extensive experience, MERA-TECH helps customers to select the best technologies in the market. We always go the extra mile and impress our customers with single or multi-vendor solutions that give them the best value for their investments.

Time: All our projects end with a satisfied customer and a positive outlook towards more business and success with MERA-TECH. We also understand the time sensitivity of broadcast projects and the necessity to get systems on air on time and within budget. MERA-TECH’s logistics team always puts in all efforts necessary to speed up the delivery process to match your time requirements.

Price: MERA-TECH aims to provide customers with quality designs accompanied by the most competitive pricing. We leverage our long successful relations with technology vendors and always do what is necessary to propose competitively priced solutions.

Managed Broadcast Services:

MERA-TECH is comprehensively qualified to take your broadcast operational duties and leave you to focus on what you do best. Our services cover a wide range of the broadcast spectrum, including

  • Content Acquisition
  • Content Management
  • Playout
  • Uplink
  • Monitoring

MERA-TECH services are built on a simple concept: to achieve operational and financial benefits to the customer. In other words, all the services are guaranteed to make your operations smoother while reducing your OPEX. We manage broadcast services in bulk, and this is how we target reducing the cost for all our customers. Contact us to know more about how we can give you these benefits.


Maybe you have a new exciting project and you need advice on which technologies to use and which vendors offer the best equipment for the job. MERA-TECH’s talented broadcast and systems integration professionals will guide you through the latest that the market has to offer and help you achieve the best results. Many of our customers have found that our consultancy service saved them a considerable amount of time and effort. MERA-TECH has the necessary industry insights and an eye on the future to help your organization in building and operating world class broadcast systems that achieve the best quality and highest end viewer satisfaction levels.

OTT Services:

OTT services are at the center of MERA-TECH’s offerings. It is not a secret that traditional live broadcast services are no longer enough to satisfy your customers. MERA-TECH’s OTT services are designed to help you manage your content online without worrying about the complexities of codecs, containers, devices etc. Simply give us your content and we will make it ready for delivery to all devices over all possible BW scenarios. And you will have full control of your OTT services from an intuitive user-friendly back end management interface. Our OTT services cover:

  • Hosting & CDN Integration
  • Transcoding
  • Monetization (Advertising + DRM)
  • Customization
  • Analytics
  • Video Portals Development (Websites – Mobile – Smart TV Apps)
  • 24/7 Proactive Tech support

Our Partners

About Us

MERA-TECH, a media systems integration and consultancy company that covers several broadcast industry specialties, including DTH, DVB-T, IPTV, OTT and their derivatives. We partner with several world class HW & SW vendors to have the flexibility to recommend and build smart, reliable, cost effective and easy to operate video solutions. MERA-TECH‘s partners list complement one another to achieve the highest level of technical approach.

MERA-TECH team is very well respected team coming from industry vendors. MERA-TECH team has combines 100's of years of experience. Built on the proven success and worldwide experience of its team, MERA-TECH is proud to have a second to none highly skilled team that made our relationships with customers more meaningful and effective comparing to other systems integrators in the market. Whether you have a small or a large project, our team will always aim to deliver a solution that works and exceeds your expectations. All our systems are built with three basic concepts in mind:

  • The best Video quality
  • The highest reliability and ease of operation
  • The best value products and systems the customer can get comparing to what is available in the market

MERA-TECH understands the complexity of the broadcast industry and the fast changing technologies behind it. We also understand the overwhelming operational duties that our customers have to go through everyday. This is why we are very keen to give our customers the best and most up to date industry insights and recommendations to help them take the right decisions towards more success and profit. We are proud to be an unbiased video systems integrator that recommends the very best solutions in the market whether they are single vendor, multi-vendor or any other combination that gives our customers the best value for their investment.

If you are looking for outside the box thinking or looking for a solution to go beyond next generation in the Industry or if you are looking for the $ spent is very well invested....

Look no further.... MERA-TECH can deliver with a pride and to exceed your expectation.... Just send your request for information to: info@mera-tech.com

Latest News


MERA-TECH sponsor of Content Delivery at Cabsat 2016

CABSAT 2016, The Middle East, Africa and South Asia's Number one Professional Content Management Event started
on 08 March, 2016 and ended on 10 March, 2016 at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

We exhibited at Cabsat 2016 in CD-34 and CD-35 and executive floor (Hatta A, B, C, D)
MERA-TECH is proud to host Cisco Systems, Bridge Technologies and Racktivity. We will exhibit together to deliver the power of our TECHNOLOGY COOPERATION.

Philip Burnham, Sales Director of Bridge Technologies

Peter Avis, Business Development Encoding & Streaming Solutions, CISCO

IBC 2015


IBC 2015, RAI Amsterdam, Netherlands
IBC is the premier annual event for professionals engaged in the creation, management and delivery of entertainment and news content worldwide.

Conference: 10 September, 2015 - 14 September, 2015
Exhibition: 11 September, 2015 - 15 September, 2015.

IBC unites the technologies and business models powering the creation, management and delivery of all forms of electronic media content to consumers in a world where content is everywhere.

From OTT delivery, mobile TV and Cloud production to the economics of Ultra HD, digital cinema innovation and the rise of social television, IBC sits at the forefront of all the recent major changes in the industry.

Along with our partners Bridge Technologies, meet MERA-TECH Team at booth stand 1.F68!


CABSAT 2015 powered by MERA-TECH

CABSAT 2015, The Middle East, Africa and South Asia's Number one Professional Content Management Event started
on 10 March, 2015 and ended on 12 March, 2015. The Conference was located at the Dubai World Trade Centre.

MERA-TECH was proud to host Cisco Systems, Bridge Technologies, Newtec, Zajil Telecom and Nilesat.
We joined together to show our successful TECHNOLOGY COOPERATION.

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