About us

We are a team of very experienced Business Developers and Engineers with a combined experience of over 100 years

About us

The Team

  • Many years of experience in Business Development and Engineering in the field
  • Expertise with 1st world class vendors & operators
  • Worked in over 120 different countries and various cultures
  • Knowledge of culture of operation from all over the world
  • Covering a wide range of End 2 End solutions in the video industry
  • The core team have over 100’s of years of combined experience
  • Experience with designing and integrating national and international linked solutions
  • A team that does not shy away from any technical challenge despite budget limitations of some projects
  • Why the need for Meratech ?

    From previous experience we discovered serious gaps in the market:

  • Customer > Partner > Vendor relationship is mainly based on how much each party can get from one another and looses focus on what matters most : the best interest of the customer, both from technical and financial point of view.
  • Technology is not always implemented to add value to the customer and the industry.
  • Co-operation between the vendors and partners is mainly based on money only….
  • Budget restrictions lead to shortcuts in the technology provided, limiting possibilities and future extensions.
  • The Company

  • MERA-TECH was founded by the core team on January 2014
  • 20 team members, 17 of which specialize in Technical and Business Development, 3 focus on Administration and Finance
  • Self-funded.
  • 2 offices, one in Glasgow, Scotland, UK and another in Turkey, Istanbul, and we keep growing…
  • Focus and dedication on video domain in the technology.
  • Enjoying a very good reputation of technical and commercial excellency with customers and vendors
  • “Can do” attitude…
  • Never failed to deliver and meet the deadline agreed
  • No service effecting issues
  • Our Operational Strategy

    We are operating with 21st century vision!

  • New advanced technology allows you to achieve most of operations remotely, with the same efficiency as if you were on site.
  • All our team is working remotely, near customer premises, enhancing cost reduction and travel time.
  • Our offices operate in the lowest cost possible as needed for operation
  • Be more GREEN in the overall operation
  • Our Technical Strategy

    We aim at providing advanced and efficient platforms :

  • Easy to operate and debug
  • Easy to expandIncreased efficiency with reduced cost of operation
  • Easy to integrate multi vendors
  • Increased high availability of services
  • Device independent but maintaining strong integrated solution
  • Reducing the man power / hour of managing the platform
  • Green platform … not just from CO2 / energy point of view but also from E2E operation
  • The smart solution we are all looking for !

    Our offices

  • Glasgow, Scotland, UK : Office and personnel
  • Istanbul, Turkey : Office and personnel
  • Team members working all over Europe and Middle East : UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Qatar, UAE